Realizing the
Promise of an Energy
Efficient Future

Renovate America is revolutionizing the way people
adopt efficient home energy products.

Our HERO Program is Leading the Way

HERO has grown to become the fastest growing energy efficiency financing solution in the nation and accounts for 95% of the Residential PACE Financing market.
HERO's impact to date:

created over


in home improvements

saved over


kWh of energy

generated over


in economic stimulus

abated over


tons of C02

saved over


in energy bills

created over



Empowering Homeowners

We provide homeowners with affordable financing and back every project with consumer protections to ensure they’re installing approved energy efficient products by licensed and trained contractors.

Empowering 3 Circles

Engaging Community Leaders

We work in partnership with municipalities to help them quantify results with real-time access to data that tracks the economic and environmental impact for their communities.

Renovate America on Tablet and Phone

Driving Adoption Rates

We train contractors on a suite of software tools and provide live customer support to help them manage opportunities, estimating and financing documents.

Renovate America Stats on Tablet

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