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Meet our executive leadership.

JP McNeill

Founder / Chief Executive Officer
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As CEO, JP leads the company with a strong vision, knowledge base and sense of purpose. He is committed to making a difference on the planet and believes that innovative financial services companies will lay the groundwork that is needed to see mass adoption of new technologies. JP holds a BA with high honors from the University of Notre Dame.

Nick Fergis

Co-Founder / Chief Operating Officer
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As COO, Nick keeps the company on course, ensuring that the technology platform delivers, the system implementation serves the unique needs of the business, and that the organization is allocating its resources as effectively as possible. Nick received a BS in Applied Math/Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Paige Wisdom

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Paige leads Renovate America’s finance team. She has over 30 years of financial services experience in roles including finance, risk management, and capital markets. Previously, she served as Chief Enterprise Risk Officer and Executive Vice President of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac), a critical role following the financial crisis. Paige received an MBA from The University of Chicago's Booth School of Business and a Bachelor of Science degree in math and computer science from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Ari Matusiak

Executive Vice President – Market Development & External Affairs
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As the EVP of Market Development and External Affairs, Ari oversees the company's market expansion, its strategy for deepening community offerings, and its relationships with key partners and policymakers. Ari graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Political Science from Brown University, and Cum Laude from Georgetown University Law Center, where he was a Public Interest Law Scholar.

Patrick Moore

Chief Lending Officer and Executive Vice President
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As Chief Lending Officer and EVP, Patrick leads all customer contact, credit-related processes, and lending strategy for Renovate America. He co-developed Benji, the company’s new unsecured home improvement credit product. Patrick has a Bachelor of Science in English from the United States Naval Academy.

Greg Memo

Executive Vice President – Business & Client Development
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As EVP of Business and Client Development, Greg structures all strategic partnerships, oversees a team that manages corporate relationships across the country and partnerships with contractors to help them grow their businesses. Greg has a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from San Jose State University.

Scott McKinlay

Executive Vice President – Corporate Development / Chief Legal Officer

As EVP of Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, Scott is responsible for Renovate America's legal, regulatory and government affairs. This includes managing all company contracts, and establishing the framework and partnerships for national expansion. Scott earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley and his Law degree from the University of San Francisco.

Adam Garfinkle

Senior Vice President – Capital Markets
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As SVP and Head of Capital Markets, Adam is responsible for leading the organization in capital raising, liquidity management, secondary market asset distribution and risk management. Adam graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics.

Jamie Latiano Jacobs

Senior Vice President – People & Culture
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As SVP of People and Culture, Jamie leads Renovate America’s talent and culture strategy to deliver on the company’s growth objectives and reinforce its Employer of Choice positioning. Jamie holds a Bachelor of Arts degrees in History and Political Science from the University of California San Diego, and an MBA from Chapman University.

Dan Stevenson

Senior Vice President – Marketing
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As SVP of Marketing, Dan oversees how the brand, products and marketplace engage customers. He works across the company to create positive, memorable customer experiences. Dan has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Purdue University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Ellen Qualls

Senior Vice President – Market Development & External Affairs

As SVP of Market Development & External Affairs, Ellen leads overall communications strategy. She leads market development within the states, and oversees the teams that engage with local and regional governments, business associations, and advocacy groups. Ellen has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature from the University of Virginia.

Rob Beatty

Senior Vice President – National Sales

As SVP of National Sales, Rob leads the internal and external Client Development teams. His teams partner with contractors to help them build their businesses through effective training and relationship management. Rob has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Recreation from the University of Manitoba.

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