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One Homeowner’s Whole House Approach to Efficiency

Home Efficiency
March 02, 2016

Tracy, CA homeowner Michael Vanlue says that prior to his home efficiency upgrades, "Our summer months averaged between $800 and $1,200 a month for electricity." Now, he explains, "Our electric usage is running a credit! Utilizing the HERO Program, we were able to do a whole house approach."

The Vanlue family hired HERO Registered Contractor J.H. Simpson Company Inc. to improve the overall efficiency of their home. After a thorough assessment, they decided on a new high-efficient heating and air conditioning system, solar panels, a high efficiency pool pump, and a new sliding glass door.

Homeowner with HERO Registered Contractor - Whole house energy-efficient upgrades

Homeowner Michael Vanlue (left) with Michael Lawson of HERO Registered Contractor J.H. Simpson (right).

"The HERO folks were excellent," he adds. "Their service was phenomenal. It appealed because it was simple. It’s set up with the property tax bill. There are some advantages to doing it that way versus traditional financing."

When asked if he would consider future home efficiency upgrades using HERO, he says, "If the project was HERO eligible, I don’t think there’s a better way to finance it."

Whole house energy-efficient upgrades

Since making home energy upgrades, Michael says his electric usage is running a credit.

Avoiding inevitable rate increases is very important for Michael, who plans to enjoy his home for years to come. "Really it’s about long-term cost effectiveness – the fact that we can essentially take our house off the grid and take that control of my life was very important."

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