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Contractor Raneri & Long Steps up to Save a Home

Home Efficiency
September 09, 2016

Alpine, CA homeowner John Hickman tears up while sharing why he nominated his HERO Registered Contractor for our Above & Beyond Award. “They saved our house,” he says of HERO and Raneri & Long Roofing and Solar, admitting, “I get emotional talking about it!”

John had problematic roofing and solar work done on his home, after which point our team connected him with Mike at Raneri & Long. “I didn’t realize at the time how much help he was going to be, or how much he was going to do for our family.”

Because he had financed the work through HERO, John was able to select a new contractor and take advantage of consumer safeguards not available through traditional financing. “If I had done normal financing,” he explains, “the other contractor would have had two thirds of the money and I really would have no way to recover from it – but the HERO Program was able to help step in, get us out of that contract, and then immediately set things up with Mike and Raneri.”

Raneri and Long on the job

John explains that, even before they had any solidified promise of funding, Mike’s team repaired the faulty work so his house didn’t sustain any further damage. “It was incredible,” John says, “and to me that’s above and beyond.” They then completed John’s solar and roofing upgrades with new energy efficient windows and a radiant barrier.

“I’m not kidding, this was everything,” John says to Mike. “I mean, we had everything in this place. If it hadn’t been what you did for us, we wouldn’t have [financially] recovered from this.”

Shaking his hand and giving him a big hug, Mike gets a little emotional as well to be on the receiving end of such overwhelming gratitude. “John, it truly was my pleasure and an honor to work with you.”

John says he couldn’t have been happier with the combination of HERO and Raneri & Long. “The HERO Program is more than just funding,” he says. “This is somebody that actually acts as an advocate for the consumer. So then to have them recognize [Raneri & Long] for what they did is pretty spectacular.”

With all the work complete, John concludes, “It feels so comfortable now – and it feels like our home.”

Raneri and Long contractor shaking hands with homeowner

If your contractor went the extra mile while installing your HERO home efficiency upgrade, you both could be featured in a video!