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Solaire Energy Systems Wins Above & Beyond Award

In the Community
June 28, 2016

"Summer was coming," says Murrietta, CA homeowner Loreen Hasenin, "and I really had to get my electric bills under control."

She recently reunited with Genevieve Johnson, Director of Sales for Solaire Energy Systems, who had worked with Loreen last spring to remedy the situation. Genevieve explains, "After hearing about her outrageous electricity bills – especially in the summer, getting to be four or five hundred dollars – we really sat down and just took a look [at what system] would best fit her needs."

Loreen says she was very pleased with her decision to go with Solaire Energy Systems for her solar panels for several reasons. First, she found it beneficial to not have to go through two different companies for her home and pool solar systems. She adds that as a single woman, she felt comfortable during all stages of the planning and installation process. Finally, Loreen appreciated the fact that Solaire doesn’t use any subcontractors. "Those guys came early and they stayed as long as it took," she explains, adding, "Solaire is a very honest company. They did everything they promised and more."

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The savings surpassed her expectations as well. "My electric bills since I went solar, I’m so happy to open them up. It’s exciting to see a bill for $1.50!" She was so excited, in fact, that she posted her $1.50 electricity bill on her Facebook profile and received plenty of envious feedback from friends and family – and she even invited Genevieve over to dinner to celebrate!

For the above reasons, Loreen saw it as a no-brainer to nominate Solaire for our Above & Beyond Awards recognizing HERO Registered Contractors for extraordinary service.

Along with company CEO and founder Jarrod Fisk, who received the award, Genevieve was thrilled to be honored. "When it comes to above and beyond, that’s what we strive for, constantly, daily. To be recognized for the Above and Beyond Award means a lot to our company. We work very hard, so to actually get recognized by our clients and from HERO – it’s a big deal to us."

Solaire Energy Systems' Jarrod Fisk Receives Above and Beyond Award

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