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Active Duty Service Member Goes Solar with HERO

Home Efficiency
August 13, 2015

Greg Yamamoto of Imperial Beach, CA recently went solar using the HERO Program, naming financial and environmental benefits as the main reasons behind his decision as well as the increased comfort level in his home.

This active duty U.S. service member feels a call to serve his country as well as to better his own community. “I love my neighborhood, my neighbors are awesome,” he says, noting that when several of them went solar, it inspired him to do the same. “They were like, ‘we’re off the grid, we’re conserving energy.’ I’m just happy to be one of the neighbors that can help contribute.”

In addition to entertaining houseguests and hosting frequent barbecues, Greg’s elderly father recently moved in with him. “I wanted to be able to regulate the thermostat and the temperature in the house, and just being able to have the luxury of doing what I want with the power without wasting it or worrying about huge bills.”

Although the price of installing solar panels was an initial roadblock, Greg explains, “I got connected with some friends that told me about the HERO Program. It just made it a no-brainer after that for me.”

Watch the above video to see the highlights of the quick and painless solar installation at Greg’s home, which was completed by Mauzy Solar Energy. Stick around for the end of the video, shot three months after the installation, when Greg reveals the unbelievable difference in his utility bills!

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