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Home Efficiency
February 01, 2017

The whitewashed houses dotting the scenic coasts of Greece are beautiful, but they were painted this way for a practical reason: to reflect the harsh summer sun. Specially formulated to reflect the sun’s heat, COOLWALL® by TEX•COTE™ is like a high-tech version of those striking paint jobs – except not limited to white. We spoke to the company’s CEO about the benefits of this unique paint alternative.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

A skilled technician applies COOLWALL to a home’s patio cover.

A skilled technician applies COOLWALL to a home’s patio cover.

This exterior coating can lower exterior wall surface temperatures by as much as 40 degrees when compared to traditional paints. This high performance is due to the hard work of teams that have been developing and perfecting the product over many years.

Jay Haines, President & CEO of Textured Coatings of America, Inc. and a third generation family member running the company, shares that the organization, which has been making products for homeowners since 1961, has a simple philosophy: "We want to make it right every single time." They have an in-house team of chemists and a technology group. "So we make everything from scratch, we don’t repackage anything."

In 2005, the team developed the first COOLWALL coating system. "The beauty of COOLWALL is, if you’re going to paint your home anyway, why not use something that’s going to give you immediate energy savings?" He adds, "The proof’s in the pudding – and our pudding is delivering a reflective coating that allows a homeowner to pick any color they want."

Improve Weather Resiliency

Chemist working in a lab - TEX•COTE COOLWALL

TEX•COTE COOLWALL is created by an in-house team of chemists and a technology group.


What else makes this product so unique? "We’re weather-proofing that home better," he says. "We’re sealing and hiding hairline cracks to a much larger degree than a typical paint system. And the homeowner’s getting something different – they’re not just getting a paint job, they’re getting a true coating job that’s doing so much more in so many different ways."

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The company also offers a lifetime warranty for as long as the homeowner lives in their home. "To this day we have not had a single complaint about a home fading."

Can You Afford It?

The Fiske family used the HERO Program to finance their COOLWALL home upgrade.

The Fiske family used the HERO Program to finance their COOLWALL home upgrade.


Given its benefits beyond the cosmetic, COOLWALL is more expensive than a typical paint job – but with Renovate America, more homeowners have access to financing solutions like the HERO program, making this upgrade more accessible. Jay calls it "a complete game-changer."

In closing, he says, "We’re at the top of the ladder in terms of sustainability and providing a coating solution that gives something that’s completely unique to that homeowner, and that’s saving energy and not fading. There’s no one else doing that right now in America."

Learn more about our financing solutions for this innovative exterior coating system and other energy efficiency upgrades on our home improvement page.

Cans of paint - Pick a color, any color!

Pick a color, any color!

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