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See a Backyard Turf Transformation with HERO

Home Efficiency
May 20, 2015

Want to save water, but have reservations about replacing your grass lawn with artificial turf? See what the experience was like from start to finish for property owners Christina and Rodrigo Muller, who made the leap with HERO.

Last year, they returned from their honeymoon to find that their rapidly declining grass lawn had died completely. “It’s an eyesore!” lamented Christina, a professional photographer who loves to entertain at the couple’s condo. “When friends come over, it’s embarrassing.”

So why did they decide against reviving their lawn? “We all know California’s going through a drought right now,” explained Rodrigo, a web designer, “so the last thing we wanted to do was re-seed this thing and have to waste tons of water.” Additionally, they were very much looking forward to a clean, dog-friendly area and a dramatic reduction in maintenance.

Said Christina the day before the installation, “We are really excited – every day it’s like a countdown!” Check out the before and after video above and let us know what you think of the couple’s lawn makeover!






Stay tuned for an upcoming behind-the-scenes look at EasyTurf, the HERO Registered Contractor the Mullers went with, to learn how today’s turf is “light years from the old Astroturf days,” as well as the logistics of turf type, drainage, maintenance and more.

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