10 Attic Remodel Ideas: Take Advantage of Wasted Space

Project Planning
December 04, 2019

You may think of the average attic as a storage space for forgotten yearbooks, excess furniture you’re not quite ready to get rid of yet, and other objects you don’t need year-round access to. It’s time to switch that thinking! Your attic may be a treasure trove of unused space—you just have to bring it up to speed with the right renovations.

An attic remodel may help you increase the usable square footage of your home and enhance your home’s functionality. However, if you’re attempting an attic bedroom renovation, keep in mind the support structures and what can and cannot be moved within the space. Consult a professional when considering decisions about columns, framing, and walls. 

Redoing your attic can help you make the most of every nook and cranny while adding living space to your home. Are you expecting a new addition? The space underneath your rafters may be just right for a little one’s nursery.

Maybe you’d like to create your own home office; you could turn your attic into a new work space. 

We’ve collected 10 of the best attic remodel ideas. Let’s dive in and take a look at potential ways you can remodel this space.

1. Attic Playroom Conversion

Attic playroom remodel

If you need some extra space for your children to run around and play, the attic may be the perfect place to create a colorful, kid-friendly wonderland. But, where do you start?

First, consider how you and your kids will access the attic. For accessibility purposes, you might include a spiral staircase which is not only functional but also provides classic, visual flair. A loft ladder is another option, but look for one with additional safety measures such as slip-resistant treads and a recessed locking system.

Another safety tip is to add a railing to the attic entrance - this applies for any attic renovation idea you decide on.

After you’ve taken the necessary safety precautions, it’s time to add some whimsy to your attic kids’ room. Here are some of our favorite attic playroom ideas.

Project Ideas: 

  • Bright, light paint: Lighter colors can make a space feel more open.

  • Lighting: Attics can be on the darker side if there are no windows. If it’s within your budget, you might consider adding windows for natural light. You can also incorporate soft electrical lighting around the room.

  • Insulate the floor: Warm up the attic with insulation. You might also add carpets or big, colorful area rugs to your floorboards

  • Decorate: Follow a theme that encourages your kids to be creative and have fun. Consider adding some wall decals with quotes on the wall from their favorite books. Oversized chairs or bean bags are good seating choices to make the space feel cozier.

  • Storage: Don’t forget about organization – after all, those toys have to go somewhere at the end of the day. If the space permits, shelves along the sides of the room might be a useful addition.

2. Attic Bedroom Conversion

Attic bedroom remodel

Need a place for guests to turn in at the end of the night? You may want to convert an attic to a loft bedroom to make use of otherwise wasted space.
To keep your attic bedroom at a comfortable temperature, consider installing insulation. The right insulation might also help you save on utility bills. Sometimes this means completely redoing the insulation, or you may be able to simply add to the existing insulation.

Project Ideas: 

  • Overhead lighting: Cozy, warm lighting is ideal in a bedroom. Spend some time getting ideas for how to adequately illuminate an attic’s often quirky architecture.

  • New flooring: New flooring can completely transform a space, and an attic bedroom is no different. Hardwood is a great choice if you want something classic and easy to clean. Or, you can go for carpet for a more plush, underfoot feel. When you’re installing flooring, think about using sound-dampening materials so your upstairs room doesn’t cause a racket.

  • Insulation: Replacing or upgrading existing attic insulation can help prevent heat escaping in the winter and help keep the attic cool during warmer months.

  • Multi-function furniture: To make the most use of the unique angles of an attic, consider adding built-in storage. Check that furniture you add works with existing elements and structures. For example, maybe you can add a window seat to hide necessary ductwork for the HVAC system.

3. Attic Game Room Conversion

Do you need extra space for family bonding? Dust off that old Monopoly box: your attic may be the perfect solution for family game nights. An attic game room could also be a great place for gathering with friends, especially if you have the budget and space for a bar to mix up an Old Fashioned.

Project Ideas:

  • Soft flooring: For a cozy place to curl up and put your skills to the test in a game of Scrabble, soft floor surfaces are recommended.

  • Storage: Wall-shelving is a great way to display games and organize them so they never get out of hand. Or, you can focus on modular storage that can change as you need for different games.

  • Bar: What better way to level up a game room than by adding a bar? Have all your favorite boozy beverages close at hand in a mini-fridge. Mix up cocktails and play on.

  • Furniture: A large table is perfect for sitting with friends and family over a game of Risk. For extra functionality, get a table that you can fold away so you have room for other games like darts or cornhole.

4. Attic Bathroom Conversion

Attic bathroom remodel

Who wouldn’t want an extra bathroom in the house? One challenge when adding a bathroom to an attic is that you’ll have to think about new plumbing as well. The placement of your existing plumbing will likely determine the best way to structure your attic bathroom renovation, such as above the kitchen or bathroom on the floor below. 

Project Ideas: 

  • Adding a shower or bathtub: Adding a full bathroom with a shower or bathtub helps make your attic a more functional space, especially if you’re also adding a bedroom to the attic.

  • Rewiring: If you are planning on adding a bathroom to an attic, you may need to work with an electrician to add more outlets and lighting.

5. Attic Office Conversion

Attic office remodel

An attic office is a great addition for your property because it provides you with a room away from the main hubs of the house. With the right sound-dampening materials, you can relish in a quiet escape where you can focus and be productive.

This is an especially practical idea if you work from home but don’t have a set workstation. 

Project Ideas:

  • Painting: To avoid being distracted, keep the paint in your attic office clean and simple. A lighter color is a good idea if you’re short on natural light.

  • Lighting: Consider installing some adjustable overhead lighting to illuminate the space. Place your work desk near a window for natural lighting to keep things cheerful.

  • Wiring: Keep in mind that you may need to rewire your attic to support office appliances like a desktop computer and printer.

6. Attic Home Theater Conversion

Going to the movies can be expensive, so why not create your own at-home theater experience? If you have room for a projector and either a blank wall or screen, your attic might be a good space to convert into a home theater. 

Project Ideas:

  • Seating: Consider investing in amphitheater style seating or a large, sectional couch for your attic home theater. You can go for traditional red velvet fabric or make the theater a style that’s completely your own.

  • Wiring: Expect electrical expenses in order for the attic’s wiring to support multiple theater room appliances like a projector, a computer, and audio systems.

  • Sound System: Sure, a screen is important but sound is just as crucial, so consider an out-of-this-world sound system.

  • Popcorn Machine: A popcorn machine is a classic. Invest in your own popcorn machine to get the classic movie theater vibe.

  • In-attic bar: The only thing better than watching movies? Watching movies with your favorite beverage in hand. If you have space, building out a bar with space for bottles of your favorite wine or spirit can be a fantastic addition for entertaining purposes.

7. Attic Library Conversion 

Attic library remodel

Is Belle’s wall-to-wall library in Beauty and the Beast how you envision organizing your extensive collection of books? Instead of getting rid of your treasured books, an attic library might be a great storage solution. 

You can create a reading nook when you need time away to dive into a world of fiction. If you have room in your budget, windows provide natural light so you can fully take advantage of sunny, quiet days.

Project Ideas:

  • Wall units: Make use of your attic’s walls for storing books. Organize them by color for a visually interesting organization system. Or, order them by author so you’ll always know where your favorite book is located.

  • Carpeting: For a cozy feel, add carpeting. If you do end up going with hardwood or a hardwood alternative, consider adding some plush area rugs to soften up the space.

8. Attic Nursery Conversion

Attic nursery remodel

Expecting a new baby or planning for one? Why not use your attic as a nursery? If the attic has adequate room, it has the potential be a space that grows with your child. When you plan an attic nursery, add places to read, a nursing station, a diaper changing area, a place for the crib, and a play area.

Pro-tip: Keep the attic nursery theme neutral so that your child doesn’t immediately age out of the theme when they are no longer an infant.

Project Ideas:

  • Lighting: Soft, adjustable lighting is better for a nursery.

  • Windows: Natural lighting is ideal for a nursery to keep the space from feeling too dark. Add curtains made of soft textiles to make the room feel cozier.

  • Built-in seating nook: Plan for your child’s enthusiasm for reading by building a reading nook.

  • Child-proofing: Child-proof the nursery area by softening sharp edges with bumpers and paying close attention to the materials being used to avoid exposing your baby to toxins.

9. Attic Craft Room Conversion

Whether you’re trying to create an artistic space to let all of your ideas flourish or running your Etsy business from home, an attic craft room can give you the space you need to finish all of your Pinterest projects.

For a multi-purpose craft room that any artist would enjoy, build enough attic storage to allow for easy access to all of your materials. Give yourself a general work station in the form of a large table that can fold away when not in use. 

Project Ideas:

  • Storage for crafting supplies: Modular storage is a popular choice, but don’t be afraid to get creative with your attic storage ideas. Mason jars are a great way to separate paint brushes and pencils, for example.

  • Plenty of table space: Treat yourself to a large work desk where you can easily work on large-scale craft projects and spread out.

  • Shelving: Shelving can be a useful addition to your craft room for storage purposes but also as a place to display your beautiful finished crafts.

  • Multi-functional furniture: An ottoman that has storage inside, a desk with plenty of drawers, or a table that can fold away when you need more space – these are all options to keep in mind so your craft room stays flexible and adaptive to your needs.

10. Attic Apartment Conversion

Attic apartment remodel

If you’re looking for an investment that could potentially provide revenue, an attic apartment might be the project for you. Even if you don’t foresee renting out the attic space permanently, you might rent it out for vacationers on Airbnb or other similar sites. Or, an attic apartment could give your son or daughter the space they need to be a little more independent, without the financial burden of an outside apartment. 

To convert an attic to a living space, you may need to make a few changes. Here are some projects to consider:

Project Ideas:

  • Adding a kitchenette: Keep to the essentials like a sink, small range, multi-functional counter space, and wall-shelving for pantry items.

  • Adding plumbing and a bathroom: You might want to add a full bathroom so the attic functions as its own living space.

  • Installing new flooring: If you choose a hard floor, you can soften up the surface with faux fur rugs or visually-interesting woven rugs. If you go for full carpeting, consider a color and texture that appeals to potential tenants.

  • Insulation: As mentioned earlier, insulation is important to help the attic maintain a comfortable temperature.


A finished attic can meet your family’s needs while adding a personal and unique touch to your home. A successful attic remodel can be a source of income as a rentable space, a guest bedroom for loved ones, a nursery for a new addition, or transform family time into a cozy escape.