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Before & After: Big Energy Savings with Home Upgrades

Home Efficiency
November 30, 2016

Richard Hogan and John Hurrell loved their home and their neighborhood – but when we spoke to them back in February, there was one major issue that had to be remedied.

“Our home was built in 1958,” explained Richard. “So we definitely needed to upgrade part of the house to make it not only energy efficient but also more green.”

John and Richard had recently used HERO to upgrade their duct work and to get an efficient heating and cooling (HVAC) system installed along with solar panels on the roof. “We’re really, really happy with the way it’s turned out.”

Technicians from Mauzy Heating, Air, and Solar

Technicians from Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar install solar panels at John and Richard’s home.


Added John, “Our house is so much more efficient on distributing the air throughout the house. We’re not wasting energy.”

“We probably say to each other once a week how much we love our home,” said Richard. “Because it is our safe haven; it’s our little oasis. And now with our improvements, we’ve actually made it that much better. Because of HERO, we were able to do all the things that we wanted to do and make our house exactly what we want it to be.”

Neighborhood cat observing solar install

The neighborhood cat inspects the solar install process.


7 Months Later

In September, we checked in again and the couple reported they’d been saving hundreds of dollars every month by doing the upgrades. “With a savings of $2,400 this year on our electric bill, “ said Richard, “we’ll probably go on a cruise. Why not?”

Homeowners posing during a solar install

John and Richard posing in front of their home as the solar is installed.


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