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New Parents Enjoy Benefits of Artificial Turf

Home Efficiency
August 17, 2016

Chula Vista, CA homeowners Jordan & Christina Baria finish each other’s sentences when it comes to describing the sorry state of their grass lawn mere months ago. “A lot of people were walking past the yard seeing the three-foot-tall weeds, so it was kind of embarrassing,” they lament.

Before it had gotten to that state, watering their lawn during California’s ongoing drought was taking its toll on the family piggy bank. “We saw our water bill, and we we’re like, ‘Oh wow, this is ridiculous,’” explains Jordan. “It just seemed like we were throwing money in the trash. So we decided not to water and let it die off.

Tough Turtle Turf remodel

The Barias’ solution was artificial grass using HERO Registered Contractor Tough Turtle Turf. “Now that we can go with turf, it’s extremely low-maintenance and we’re able to finance it through the HERO Program also.”

Christina describes her excitement upon arriving home from work to find the artificial grass already installed and seeing how beautiful it was, adding that not one, but two neighbors stopped by and asked about it that day! “Family members also that think it looks amazing,” Jordan adds, “And now they’re considering it.”

According to the couple, their 5-month-old baby seems to love the artificial grass as well. “And it feels like real grass too – without the itchy and the little bugs that come with it,” Jordan says. Christina agrees, saying, “It feels nice – softer, even!”

Baby laying in new turf grass

In conclusion, Jordan notes, “Having that curb appeal and walking up and not seeing weeds and dead grass [is great]. It looks good, we’re saving money – it’s a win-win.”

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