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Chula Vista Family Home Preserved for Generations to Come

Home Efficiency
August 25, 2016

Al H. always had fond memories of his grandparent’s house in Chula Vista, CA. So when he had the opportunity to purchase it, he decided to go ahead and keep it in the family. But the older home was due for some renovations.

"It was built in 1957, so it required a lot of upgrades," he admits. Al focused on energy-efficient upgrades throughout the home. The heating and cooling system was replaced with a new energy-efficient air conditioner, furnace, and ductwork. He improved the exterior of the house by adding new energy-efficient windows and doors. He also switched to water-efficient landscaping by doing a complete overhaul of the front and back yard with drought tolerant landscaping and other water saving features.

Installing drought-tolerant gravel

Although initially a daunting prospect from both a time and financial standpoint, Al found a solution. Using Renovate America’s HERO financing helped Al cover the up-front costs of getting multiple upgrades at the same time. He also used our network of contractors to find the right people to complete the different projects. "It was very convenient for me to go to the HERO Program and be able to pick different contractors," he says, adding, "The contractors have all been outstanding."

With the new upgrades, Al’s home will be more comfortable during hot summers. The efficiency upgrades will also help his home conserve more energy and water.

Al is enjoying the improved curb appeal as well, "I’ve been getting neighbors just stopping and saying how great it looks!"

Before-and-after home renovation with HERO

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