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How This Contractor is Making a Difference

In the Community
January 28, 2017

Mary Jean Anderson, the president and owner of Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, is certainly one of them.

“The most gratifying part of being in this business for me is actually making a difference,” she says. “I was raised with the ethics of: when you leave the Earth, you need to have made a difference and made the Earth a better place because you were here.”

This positive impact starts with the people she employs. “I’m seeing technicians who come in and have all the mechanical ability, but don’t have the self-confidence,” she shares, “and we’re able to get them feeling proud of what they do and become very successful – and I love that.”

Of course, homeowners are part of the impact her company makes as well, including those who may be in crises. “It could be somebody with a plumbing issue that is flooding their home, or it could be a senior that has no air conditioning and they can’t tolerate the heat.”

Beyond improving the lives of Anderson employees and customers, Mary Jean relishes her ability to do other forms of community outreach. “Because the success of our company,” she explains, “we’re able to do a lot of charity work and that means a lot to me. We work with Susan G. Koman [a breast cancer charity], and we help foster youth transition from the system to finding them a home and helping them get through school.”

She concludes gratefully, “All of these things I have gotten to do because of this job, of this company, and the people here – and that, to me, I’ve reached the ultimate success in life.”

Kudos to Mary Jean and her dedicated team!

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