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Contractor Spotlight: Renova Solar

Home Efficiency
July 25, 2016
Renova Solar, our featured contractor for the month of July, was the first company in North America to receive national accreditation from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABSEP). This award-winning company provides solar to homeowners in the Palm Springs and Palm Desert areas of California.

“Installing solar in the desert is definitely a specific skill set that we have down to a science,” explains Lea Goodsell, VP of Business Development & Marketing. “After ten years, we know what to do and what not to do.” Backing this up is the fact that they won the award for “Best of the [Coachella] Valley” for the last two years, and were Sun Power’s Residential National Dealer of the Year in 2014. They also get about half of their customers through referrals from past customers.

A full-service company, Renova does everything on site and doesn’t outsource anything.  “We’re all here together under one roof, so communication and efficiency on behalf of customers is paramount.” She adds, “When we’re putting together a system, it’s designed to offset 100% of your energy usage over a year. Each one is really customized.”

One of things that you’ll notice right away when you visit Renova headquarters are the fleets of company bicycles and electric cars. Lea explains, “We are so focused and passionate about what we do, and doing our part for sustainability and to help save the planet. We try to live it everyday, not just put solar on a roof and claim that we’re green.”

Sales Manager Michael Cordero adds, “We’re not just there to slap up a solar system and say see you later – we’re coming back at the first bill, we’re coming back six months later to see how you’re doing.”

Of offering the HERO financing option to their customers, Michael says many customers were looking for options outside of lease and outright purchase, and HERO financing has proven to be a popular solution. Plus, “HERO does take time to make sure that the contractors have been vetted, and we think that helps our customers have the protection – gives them some peace of mind – and it’s a very good merging with HERO and Renova.”

Lea points out that some employees are using HERO themselves, which she believes is a strong testimony. Among them is Leaf Sonderlind, Commercial Operations Manager at Renova, who tells us it’s been a great process for him so far.

In closing, says Michael, “This is the new paradigm here – the energy paradigm – it’s time to take back the power and make it for yourself. Solar’s here to stay, and we’re just happy to be part of that!”

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