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Contractor Spotlight: Service Champions Southern California

In the Community
November 18, 2016

Our featured contractor for the month of November is Service Champions based in Brea, CA, who have been providing residential heating and air conditioning along with related home performance upgrades to the Southern California area since 2000.

As owner Leland Smith explains in the above video, the company also provides customers “good deeds for free.” This could mean something like changing out a light bulb, rotating a mattress, or most recently, even safely removing a pigeon from a homeowner’s attic! This is just one part of the team’s unique culture.

November Contractor Spotlight: Service Champions Southern California

"We have seven core values that we live by," Leland explains. "It's not an easy thing to get a job here. We have a very heavy, stringent interview process and we really just look for quality people that have personalities – because I try to make sure whatever we do for a customer is what I'd want in my home."

Additionally, around 20% of their staff is comprised of military veterans, which Leland ensures by working with a staffing agency that helps veterans find work.

November Contractor Spotlight: Service Champions Southern California

The company's name refers to their goal to be champions of service. "We wanted to prove that we were the best when it came to servicing our customers. I think we've done it enormously well. We have an extremely loyal following, we're totally committed to our customers, and I think our growth shows us that." This excellence is reflected in their rare status as a Diamond Certified contractor.

In 2013, Service Champions joined the network of home improvement contractors offering HERO. "We were really excited to hear about the HERO Program because it allowed our customers opportunities that were never there before."

November Contractor Spotlight: Service Champions Southern California

Jim Dotson, a Comfort Advisor, elaborates. "I've been in this industry for about 20 years. In 2013 when we got involved with the HERO Program, the way that they've structured this – to be added to your property tax as a way to pay it back for up to 25-year terms – it's a big game changer. It's helped us reach out to a lot more clients."

Leland points out that today's home efficiency products are almost double their efficiency from when he first started out in this business. "So we're excited for not only where they are now, but where they're going to grow into – and that we can continue to offer that to our customers."

Learn more about Service Champions, and keep an eye out for more from this award-winning contractor during the month of November!