April Home Improvement Contractor Spotlight: Tough Turtle Turf

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April 26, 2017

Quick, say "Tough Turtle Turf" three times fast! Fun tongue twister, right?

Delightfully descriptive name aside, the company’s CEO Brandon Johnson’s focus is to make every landscaping overhaul a stress-free experience for homeowners like you.

"What we're able to do," he explains, "is help a lot of customers get a payback within four years, between water and maintenance, on replacing their water-guzzling lawn with some new artificial grass."

When asked about what makes the company unique, Brandon shares that they don't contract out their installations, and they offer their own proprietary turf boasting a lifetime warranty. He also speaks highly of his team and the wealth of knowledge they collectively possess, pointing to the company's many positive online reviews. "We built a foundation and we've been trying to do things the right way," he shares, "and I think it's been paying off."

Tough Turtle Turf crew is hard at work beautifying a homeowner's lawn.

A Tough Turtle Turf crew is hard at work beautifying yet another Southern California lawn.

This quickly growing business services areas of Southern California including San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and certain areas of the Inland Empire as well.

"We do synthetic turf, pavers, concrete – pretty much any hardscaping you can think of, we can knock it out," he explains. "You'd be blown away by some of the new turf we have – you can't even tell that it's [synthetic] – it's pretty amazing."

Tough Turtle Turf has been part of Renovate America's network of home improvement contractors since 2014. "HERO's a great thing," states Brandon. "It basically gives homeowners the ability to do projects and make their home more energy efficient and more water-efficient. The financing is a no-brainer."

Chula Vista, CA homeowners Jordan and Christina are two of the company's many satisfied customers. Their yard, which was was dried out in some places and overgrown in others, was becoming a source of embarrassment when neighbors walked by.

Jordan and Christina playing with their 5-month-old on the newly installed soft turf.

Jordan and Christina say they can now play with their 5-month-old on the soft turf without worrying about scratchy areas and bugs.

Jordan explains, "Tough Turtle Turf came out and gave us a quote, and once they mentioned the HERO Program, our eyes kind of brightened up, and we were like, 'Let's do the backyard too.' They finished the whole project in about three days. They're extremely fast and professional."

Christina agrees, adding, "It's beautiful. I love it!"

Brandon beams at receiving feedback like this. "It couldn't be a more gratifying or more rewarding job owning this company. It's been great."

Request a consultation with Tough Turtle Turf to see how your yard can be transformed using one of Renovate America's financing options.

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