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6 Energy-Saving Holiday Decorating Tips

Home Efficiency
December 07, 2016

Illuminated holiday decorations can make the season bright, but they can also impact your energy bill. Instead, try dressing up your home with energy savings in mind. Don’t worry, you can still use cheerful colorful lights – just energy-efficient ones! Here are six tips to get into the holiday spirit – while staying green.

1 – Replace Old Incandescent Lights With LEDs

You’ll want to avoid those big incandescent bulbs, which are inefficient. LEDs, on the other hand, use less energy, they last longer, and they’re cool to the touch, so they’re safer both for your home’s exterior as well as interior. You can also string up to 24 strands together without the worry of blowing a fuse.

2 – Get Creative Without Electricity

While lights are festive, you can create a holiday atmosphere in other ways. Try reflective ornaments or tinsel for extra sparkle. Place wreaths indoors, not just on your front door.

Or go crazy with garland. You can wrap it around banisters and pillars, drape it across your mantel, or hang it around windows, mirrors, and doors. Add ribbons for an extra splash of color, or choose flocked garland for a different look. Garland can also be placed outdoors if you don’t have to worry about inclement weather. Put garland on your mailbox, front gate, or fence.

3 – Reimagine the Holiday Tree

Artificial trees have been an alternative to freshly cut trees for a while, but they’ve come a long way. They now come with LED lighting incorporated into the tree, so that saves you a step in the decorating process.

Another low-energy option is a fiber optic tree. It’s more of a challenge to hang ornaments from this type of tree, but if you love bright lights that change color, it’s worth considering. Quick tip: When your tree is lit, turn the lights off in that room for extra holiday ambiance and energy savings.

4 – Explore Battery-Operated Décor

Look for holiday centerpieces as well as wreaths and other wall hangings that come pre-decorated with LEDs or fiber-optic lights. Choose ones that require batteries and buy rechargeable batteries, which are much more cost effective. Keep them going with an ENERGY STAR® battery charger.

5 – Install a Timer

With your lighted decorations all aglow, there’s no need for them to be on all night. If you’re likely to forget to turn them off, you can install a timer and set the hours for when you want the lights to go on and off without worrying about it. How awesome is that?

6 – Use a Power Strip

If you don’t want to deal with a timer, you could plug your holiday lights into a power strip. When you want to turn the lights off, just turn off the power strip. It’s much easier than crawling behind the tree to unplug the lights from the wall socket.

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