Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Completes Transformation from House to Home

Home Efficiency
September 21, 2017

Life doesn't slow down for this couple. In addition to their individual teaching careers, Buddy and Kristen are balancing parenthood, a dog, and—recently–a home renovation. That's a lot all at once!

When Buddy and Kristen moved their family into a charming fixer upper, they got right to work on renovating. After investing plenty of time and sweat over a few years, the house was finally starting to feel like a true home. The one thing nagging at them was their air conditioning didn't seem to be working properly. And they needed help to make their home truly comfortable and complete.

Kristen and Buddy had done most of the renovation work on their home themselves, but the technical aspects of the ductwork repair for their HVAC system required a professional. They tried turning off supply vents in some areas and on in others to even out the air, but that wasn't solving the problem. Closing vents can actually make things worse. As teachers and parents who are constantly on the go, they didn't have a lot of extra time to spend on home improvement projects or to learn how air conditioning systems work. Luckily, using Renovate America's HERO financing and network of contractors allowed the busy duo to get the work done quickly and with minimal stress.

"It made a huge project doable. We didn't have to work an extra 40-hour work week to try to make it happen," Kristen shares about how the ac unit financing enabled them to complete such a big project when they needed it.

Once the work was completed, the difference was noticeable right away. "It's vastly more comfortable," says Kristen. Buddy adds, "You can feel the difference. It was amazing that they were able to do that."

Fixing the duct work also made their home more energy efficient, and the couple has noticed their energy bills were reduced by about a third.

Equally important, the time they saved by going with a contractor allowed them to have more time to spend with each other. "Time is currency for us. And the more time we have to spend doing the things that we love doing far exceeds the amount of money that we could ever make," Buddy explains.

Now that their house is more comfortable thanks to their energy efficient air conditioning system, this family is feeling right at home. Kristen happily states, "We've grown from moving into a house that we needed, to living in a house that we love." With the combination of hard work and love they put into the house, the once fixer upper is now a stylish, comfortable, and efficient abode.

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