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First-Time Homeowners Beat the Heat with New HVAC

Home Efficiency
September 07, 2016

For Rosalind Williams and her husband, living without air conditioning in Anaheim, CA was becoming intolerable. In addition to temperatures reaching 85 to 90 degrees inside their home, it was very noisy in between the fans constantly running and windows open to passing traffic.

The problem was that they didn’t have a whole lot leftover for large expenses after having purchased the home, which is their first one and an older three-bedroom.

“Then we did a little bit of research with the HERO Program,” she shares, “and we found out, ‘Oh wait, this is possible, we can actually get this done and we don’t have to suffer inside of our own house!’”

Rosalind says they felt very comfortable with the contractors they chose to install the heating and air conditioning system, Home Comfort USA, adding, “It was perfect.”

Homeowner beats heat with new HVAC system

These days, life with quiet, efficient, and effective air conditioning is definitely more pleasant. “We are so much happier and so much more comfortable. We never would have been able to afford to get our HVAC upgrade or installed without the HERO Program, that’s for sure. I don’t know what we would have done. It would have been terrible!”

She concludes, “The HERO Program actually made this possible for us. Very grateful for the HERO Program.”

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