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#EnergyWin Tip: HVAC Unit Efficiency

Home Efficiency
November 15, 2016

Has there ever been such a simple way to help shave a little more off your electricity bill? You be the judge. 

In this brief video, Jim from Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning in Southern California shares a simple way to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency while also improving the appearance of your outdoor HVAC condenser unit. Watch as he explains how cleaning your condenser with a garden hose can rinse away built up dirt and dust, and allow your unit to work more efficiently. 

Check it out and then give it a try!

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Jim, and I have an Energy Win tip for you today.

Did you know that over time, your outdoor condenser gets built up with dust and dirt, and it really cuts down on how energy efficient your unit can be?

So my tip for you today is to go outside and take a simple garden hose and hose down the outdoor condenser. It will help increase your unit’s efficiency.