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#EnergyWin Tip: Low Level Carbon Monoxide Detector

Home Efficiency
December 22, 2016

The beeping of your home’s carbon monoxide detector, signaling the presence of dangerous levels of a poisonous gas, is not exactly music to a homeowner’s ears.

Although standard carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are a common choice, slightly more expensive models with higher sensitivity are available and will alert homeowners to lower levels that may not (yet) be dangerous.

So is it worth the extra $100 or so to spring for one of these low-level CO detectors?

Aaron from Brower Mechanical, a company within Renovate America’s network of home improvement contractors, shares his valuable advice in this brief video.

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Aaron with your Energy Win tip and today I want to discuss carbon monoxide detection. 

*Alarm beeps* 

That’s a sound most homeowners do not want to hear. And the reason why is if we’re hearing this that means we’re detecting carbon monoxide. 

When we think of carbon monoxide protection, most people kind of turn to a standard detector like you see here. The problem with a standard detector is that it only alarms when we have high levels of CO, which is a poisonous gas in our home. 

We know that even low levels of CO can cause serious effects to our families. 

So invest an extra $100 into a low-level detector, which will really benefit you and your family.