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#EnergyWin Tip: Preventing Solar Data Loss

Home Efficiency
August 19, 2016

Did you know there is an easily preventable mistake that some homeowners make with their solar monitoring systems? Have no fear – in this video, Paul from Solaire Energy Systems shares an effortless way for solar customers to prevent data loss.

Ethernet adapters connect your solar inverter to your router. Your solar installers will plug one into your wall and connect it to your router with a cable. Leave this plugged into a direct outlet, and not a power strip, in order to prevent data loss from your solar monitoring system. Make sure the cable is always connected to the router, and if you ever switch routers, be sure to transfer the cable to the new router. 

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Video transcript:

Hi, my name is Paul with Solaire. This is just a quick tip for solar customers to prevent data loss from their monitoring systems. 

These here are ethernet adapters. One’s plugged into our inverter, and the other is plugged into a wall and has a cable that runs to your router. 

A lot of times homeowners lose production data because they unplug these or after our installation what they’ll do is they’ll put it into a surge protector or a power strip which causes interference. 

So a quick tip would be to always make sure this is in a direct outlet, not a power strip, and that the cable is always hooked up to the back of your router. If you switch routers make sure this cable gets transferred to the new router.