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#EnergyWin Tip: How to Shut Off Solar Panels in an Emergency

Home Efficiency
July 14, 2016

Solar panels, a wonderfully efficient way to power many homes, are essentially a self-sustaining system – but in the event of an extreme emergency such as a strong earthquake, the panels will still be producing power unless the breakers are turned off.

In this brief video, Christopher Garcia of Renova Solar, from our network of contractors, shows us how to properly shut off power to your solar panels in such instances. Hopefully, you won’t ever need to use this tip, but it may be useful to keep in mind!

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Video Transcript

I’m Chris from Renova Solar and I have a great tip for you today.

Getting solar panels these days is really simple. It is pretty much a self-sustaining system. Especially the new A/C panel systems they have.

In case of an emergency, if there was an earthquake or a fire and this were to become dislodged, the panels themselves would still be producing power unless you turn these breakers off. And basically all you have to do is open this up, and you just flip these all off.

This is for the case of a really bad emergency, but other than that, you shouldn’t have to touch the system whatsoever.