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Scary Good Energy Tips for Halloween

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October 28, 2015

Electricity isn’t just for bringing our friend Frank(enstein) back from the other side. Along with natural gas, it helps to keep us warm, cooks the food we eat, and lights up dark places on Halloween night. But did you know that there’s sneaky, creepy and even scary devilry that can be sucking your energy dry? Keep a close watch, because these ghosts and goblins may be lurking in in your wall sockets, refrigerator and computers.

Energy Vampires Dare to Drain You

We’re all guilty of leaving our electronics on stand by and ready to power up at any time. But this requires an underlying and ongoing energy supply called phantom power. The biggest vampire culprits? Computers, TVs, surround sound, cable boxes and household items with clocks. What to do: Simply unplug, shorten sleep mode settings on computers, use power strips and switch to smart tech when shopping for new products.

Holiday Lights Can Be Such Frights!

Orange and purple lights are festive and light the way on Halloween, but choose wisely. Try LED lights — they save energy and they’re less likely to start fires than their incandescent counterparts. They last several decades and the color won’t fade or chip.

That Old, Cold Tomb, (Your Fridge!)

An older refrigerator can account for 40-60% more energy use compared to a newer energy-efficient model. If your fridge was manufactured before 2000, you might consider a replacement. Plus, you can have your old fridge picked up and receive a rebate. Now that’s cool!

Drip, Drip, Drip

Yes, it’s the scary sound of a dark and dank haunted castle — and your leaky tap. Leaky faucets, toilet flappers and other leaking valves around the house are easily fixed and save water. About 10% of homes have leaky fixtures that can account for up to 90 gallons of water wasted a day!

Ghostly Drafts

Energy and money goes right out your drafty windows. But never fear; there are plenty of energy-efficient window choices that can save you up to $465 a year on your energy bill when replacing single-pane windows. These windows help keep your home’s temperature consistent, and many have a special coating that protects your valuables from sun damage.

Safety First

Most of all, stay safe on Halloween night. Consider this list of tips before the scariest night of the year. Happy Halloween!


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