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Kansas City Council Member Scott Wagner Advocates For Renovate America

In the Community
September 20, 2016

Scott Wagner, a Kansas City Council Member and also the city’s Mayor Pro Tem, is excited to welcome the HERO Program to his community and hopes to see it expand further within the state of Missouri.

“Kansas City really wants to be a trailblazer when it comes to the green economy in the state of Missouri,” he explains in the above video. “That’s why we were one of the first to jump onto the PACE program.”

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy, and HERO is the largest PACE program in the United States.

Council Member Wagner continues, “The program is really an opportunity for those homeowners, or even commercial property owners, to save a little money and be more environmentally friendly – and that’s good for all of us here in the city.”

Scott Wagner, a Kansas City Councilmember

Scott Wagner represents the 1st District At-Large. For the 2015-2019 council term, he serves as Mayor Pro Tem, as well as Chairman of the Finance and Governance Committee. He also serves as a member of the Housing Committee.

As he describes it, there’s a promising ripple effect that comes along with this program. “The opportunity for jobs and new businesses to form really grow exponentially.”

Within Missouri, the program is currently available to homeowners in the Kansas City portion of Jackson County, plus other communities in Jackson County.

“We’re really excited that Renovate America and the HERO Program is a part of our Missouri Clean Energy District,” he specifies, “because to be able to see someone who has done this program as they’ve done in other states, to see the knowledge that they bring, that’s a big reassurance for us.”

He concludes, “It’s a great opportunity, and we’re really glad to be a part of it.”

View of Kansas City, MO - Kansas City is about to get even greener thanks to the HERO Program!

Kansas City is about to get even greener thanks to the HERO Program!

Missourians who would like to lower their utility bills by making energy-efficient upgrades through HERO can learn more here.