Historic Craftsman Home Gets Energy-Efficient Makeover

Home Efficiency
June 22, 2017

An early 1900s craftsman home in the hills of Los Angeles' emerging Highland Park neighborhood typically comes with charm to spare and top-notch views. Unfortunately with older homes, a whole host of energy inefficiencies can really add up in utility bills and lack in overall comfort.

"These old houses are extremely drafty," explains homeowner Edward O., who along with his wife tried to ignore these inconveniences for years because the costs of upgrading seemed out of reach. "The house needed a painting, new windows, we never had an air conditioner…" and the list goes on.

The home's hilltop location makes for great views, but Edward and his wife often had to close the curtains to control the temperature.

So when their contractor told them about Renovate America’s financing options for home upgrades, it was an exciting breakthrough. After they went over their financing options, they decided to move forward with new windows, doors, HVAC, insulation, and exterior coating.

"Doing the work that we did requires quite an investment," Edward explains, "and with the HERO Program and Benji we were able to finance it."

Since their home upgrades, the couple has felt a significant improvement, with no more drafts and more consistent temperatures throughout the house. They can now open the curtains on hot, sunny days and fully enjoy their beautiful view without worrying they'll heat up the house. Plus, it also looks great, as seen below and in the before and after video above!

Although over 100 years old, the couple's home is now likely to stay in the family for many years to come.

"It's a very, very comfortable house today," Edward shares happily, adding, "It makes such a difference. It's quality! It really makes this place a place that's going to last a long time – there's no question about it."

Last but certainly not least, Edward notes, is the additional perk of helping protect the environment for future generations, including their grandchildren. "Conserving energy – that's what it's all about nowadays. It's the future."

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