These Homeowners' Yards Will Make You Reconsider Turf & Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Home Efficiency
August 11, 2017

Replacing your home's lawn with artificial turf or drought tolerant landscaping can be a big decision.

How much of your spare time and water bill goes to maintaining your lawn? If you find that you're spending most of your weekend mowing the lawn or pulling weeds, then a low maintenance option might be a good fit for you. Want to retire your sprinkler system? Artificial turf doesn’t require watering, and drought tolerant landscaping uses very little.

In the above video, three couples who used Renovate America's financing options to upgrade their outdoor spaces share their experience. Find out how switching to artificial turf and drought tolerant landscaping helped them improve their curb appeal while saving time and water.

Michael and Lindbergh were looking for a way to keep their lawn green during long periods without rain. "There were areas that were already bare, and you just couldn't do anything to grow grass," Michael explains about the trouble they had growing grass. His partner Lindbergh adds, "So we thought that artificial turf was the best way to go for us."

Now, neighbors who can't tell it's artificial turf walk by and ask them how they keep their lawn so green!

Michael points out that although turf is often thought of as a solution for drought, it also allows for better drainage after rainstorms. "Whether there's no rain or inundated with rain, it's going to be perfect."

Homeowners show off the newly installed turf and love how realistic the turf looks and feels.

Lindbergh and Michael say they especially love how realistic the turf looks and feels.


Christina and Jordan also went with artificial turf. "A lot people were walking past the yard seeing the three-foot tall weeds – kind of embarrassing," admits Christina. But with their new turf lawn, they aren't embarrassed any longer.

Of their turf makeover, Jordan proudly shares, "It's extremely low-maintenance, and knowing that we're saving money and saving water makes us feel good. Family members think it looks amazing – and now they're considering it."

In addition to making their family and neighbors jealous of their improved curb appeal, the couple also wanted to have a kid-friendly area for their baby. The soft turf provides a comfortable space for him to safely play and run around when he gets older.

Homeowners' little one enjoys the soft texture of his parents’ landscaping choice.

Christina and Jordan’s little one enjoys the soft texture of his parents’ landscaping choice.


Homeowners Shane and Kari decided to go with drought tolerant landscaping because, as Kari explains, "The entire lawn was either brown or gone." Now, instead of spending their time trying to get their lawn to grow, they can relax and enjoy their beautiful yard. Kari says she loves pulling into the driveway every day and seeing how great their desert landscaping looks.

As for the savings? "We have definitely seen a change in our bills on a month-to-month basis," Kari shares. "I will continue to let people know that this is definitely a project they need to look into."

Homeowners appreciate the artful arrangement of drought tolerant plants carefully planned by their contractor.

Shane and Kari say they appreciate the artful arrangement of drought tolerant plants carefully planned by their contractor.


Some homeowners delay switching to turf or drought tolerant landscaping because of the time and expenses involved. These homeowners chose to finance with Renovate America and hire a contractor so they could complete their project quickly without worrying about the upfront costs. Learn more about our financing options for turf, drought tolerant landscaping, or other home renovations.

Is turf or drought tolerant landscaping the solution to your yard's needs? Find out more about water-efficient landscaping options and water saving systems for your home.