Klaus & Sons Goes Above & Beyond for Rancho Cucamonga, CA Couple

In the Community
May 17, 2017

Homeowners Kristin and Buddy have truly loved living in their Rancho Cucamonga home, which they purchased in 2010 – but there was one big problem. "We were constantly trying to spend less on energy and to make our house more comfortable," explains Kristin.

After trying out some DIY options but "getting nowhere," she and her husband Buddy finally contacted Klaus & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. "I sent an inquiry," adds Buddy, "and within the hour John called."

Notes Klaus & Sons representative John Howe, "When we got here there was barely any insulation. The ductwork was leaking everywhere. There were no returns here on the house that were correct."

Although the cost of the upgrades initially seemed out of reach for this couple, who both work as teachers, Kristin says Renovate America's HERO Program provided the right financing solution for them. "It made a huge project doable."

Kristin and Buddy nominated for Klaus & Sons for the HERO Program's Above & Beyond Award, are thrilled to see them honored.

After nominating Klaus and Sons for our HERO Program's Above & Beyond Award, Kristin and Buddy were thrilled to see them honored.

Despite the very hot weather on install day, the Klaus and Sons team worked diligently (including in the 117-degree attic!) without complaints. As the afternoon turned into evening and a bit more time was needed to complete the work, everyone decided to keep going rather than leave the work unfinished through the weekend.

"And at 5:00 at night on a Friday when most people want to be home, they didn't sacrifice any aspect of the job," raves Kristin. "They were careful, and they were quiet, and they were conscious of the fact that our son was asleep at the time. I just appreciated the fact that they came into our home and they treated us with that type of kindness."

The Klaus & Sons team completed their work that evening to amazing results. "Since we had all this work done," says Kristin, "we've been looking at about a third in the cost reduction in our energy bills."

The homeowners' son Max reaching out to the AC vent inspecting the contractor’s work.

The couple's son Max inspects the contractor's work.

Adds Buddy, "It was amazing that they were able to do that, and that's why we nominated Klaus and Sons for the Above & Beyond Award."

Upon receiving the award, John modestly notes the increased comfort of the home, adding, "Just being able to see the homeowners and how happy they are – that's what gives us the good feeling of pride in knowing that we did our job."

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