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Padres Go Green at Petco Park to Conserve Energy

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September 12, 2016

The next time you watch the San Diego Padres play a home game, you may look at Petco Park in a whole new light. In a number of ways, Petco Park has stepped up to the plate to conserve energy and save water. It's one of the reasons the HERO Program has partnered with the Padres, who are based in our home city, as a like-minded organization that cares about making a difference.

Energy Efficiency

Just like many homeowners do, Petco Park assessed its lighting sources — incandescents and those old tubular fluorescents — and upgraded more than 95 percent of the entire ballpark to LED lighting. Furthermore, the Padres were the first National League team to upgrade to LED Sports Lights on its playing field, and the MLB All-Star Game hosted at the ballpark this year was the first one ever to be played under LED lights.

The ballpark also installed motion sensors in the Padres corporate offices, cubicles, restaurants, restrooms, and common areas. Lights now go off when a space has been unoccupied for 15 minutes. Even soda machines have motion sensors. When no one's in the break room, these sensors power down the soda machine while still keeping beverages cold, reducing energy consumption by an estimated 46 percent.

The ballpark uses high efficient heating and cooling systems with variable speed motors and economizers to save energy while providing optimum temperature. High efficiency heating and cooling with automatic and remote access options are something many HERO homeowners have chosen and rave about. This efficiency can also be experienced at a Padres game for fans lucky enough to land a suite – when the roll-up door is opened to allow guests to sit al fresco, the air conditioning goes off.

These are just a few of the ballpark's energy-saving initiatives that, together, have reduced the venue's energy usage by more than 40% compared to the average year!

Water Conservation

Naturally, Petco Park has a big green playing field that requires water. To conserve precious H20 in drought-stricken California, the park's irrigation is on a drip system and timers. That's something you could do at home, too! Several years ago, the Padres also stopped maintaining the playing field in the off-season, saving an average of 240,000 gallons of water between the months of November and March.

Additionally, the restrooms at Petco Park have been upgraded with metered faucets that turn off automatically, saving a whopping 390,000 gallons of water since installation.

Our network of HERO registered water-saving contractors, whose 6,000 home water improvements have resulted in over $46 million saved in water bills so far, would surely approve!


Petco Park has embraced recycling in a big way. Recycling, as you may know, saves energy along with resources. For example, it takes less energy to make an aluminum can from recycled materials than it does from scratch.

The ballpark recycles 76 percent of all the waste generated, including cardboard, pallets, cooking oil, food waste and grass clippings. Petco Park also recycles wire hangers from dry cleaning (yup, something else you could try). And the wonderful playground at the ballpark's Park at the Park? It's made from 75 percent recycled rubber.

Partners in Sustainability

Petco Park doesn't do all of this alone. They work with an impressive group of partners to get the job done, including the City of San Diego Environmental Services and more. Together, these partners have helped Petco Park win multiple awards for their environmental efforts, including several from the Environmental Protection Agency.

It's no wonder that we are a proud Green partner of the Padres. San Diego Padres and Petco Park are committed to saving energy and water, and HERO is dedicated to helping homeowners finance energy and water conservation upgrades. Now that's a winning team!

If the Padres can do all this at a giant ballpark, imagine what you can do for your home?