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Drafty Home? Windows & Air Sealing to the Rescue

Home Efficiency
November 17, 2015

Shorter days and cooler nights are here, so keeping warm and conserving energy is top-of-mind. You want to make sure that your home stays comfortable, but there might be places where drafts are coming in or warm air is escaping. Energy-efficient windows and air sealing are two ways to address this leakage of air.

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If you have single-pane aluminum windows or first-generation dual-pane windows, (either aluminum or vinyl,) you might consider replacing them. You’ll save energy and money, have better temperature control and, well, stop throwing money out the window! These older windows are the least efficient, and offer the greatest savings when replaced with high-performance windows. In fact, you could realize a 12% savings on your energy bill. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones is a big piece of the puzzle, though drafts could still be sneaking into your home.

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Air Sealing

Common places for drafts include:

  • Areas around windows and doors
  • Outlets
  • Openings for appliances and in attics
  • Crawlspaces

Air sealing uses many methods to insulate these areas, and an air sealing expert can diagnose just where the air is flowing and can recommend the latest technology including state-of-the art application of spray foam, caulk and other materials. Air leaks alone can account for 30% or more of a home’s heating and cooling costs – that’s more money flying out the window!

Air sealed sliding glass doors

Other Benefits

Once you install energy-efficient windows and have the leaks and drafts sealed, you may reap other benefits as well. Keeping airborne smog, contaminants and allergens out of the house helps those who suffer from respiratory illnesses like allergies or asthma. Energy-efficient windows also assist with a calmer, more peaceful home since outdoor sounds are minimized by the window’s technology.

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These improvements add up to savings, health benefits and your comfort. Even better news? The HERO Program can help you make these and other home improvements to lower your utility bills and increase your comfort. Find out more!

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