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Solar Panels Reduce Electricity Bill

Home Efficiency
May 18, 2016

Homeowner Mona Rivero gets a kick out of one unexpected side effect of going solar: the way her husband John is over the moon about the energy savings. “He even has a little dance when he sees the bill!” she says.

Mona and her husband John (who demonstrate his happy dance below!) live in Atwater, CA with their three children. “Our utility bills skyrocketed once we moved in here,” John admits. “We’d been thinking about solar for a while.”

The Riveros knew solar was a big investment for their home, so they did plenty of research. “We found out about the HERO Program through my brother, and then I learned more about it online. It was a big concern that it would be a big commitment, so we wanted to make sure we did it right – and HERO worked with us great, quickly, and we felt very comfortable with it.”

Adds Mona, “We always have the washer and dryer going, we also have the dishwasher going, and my kids bring their friends over – so we’ve got electricity running all day long. It gives us the security of knowing what our bills are going to be every month.” They used to average in the 400-500 dollar range and after going solar they average only 30-40 dollars a month – a huge savings.

“Every time there is a rate hike,” adds John, “we’re in a sense saved from those hikes, so we are saving no matter what the hikes are.”

He concludes, “By being able to get the solar through HERO, we’re able to save money on our electric bill, we are able to help the environment out, and it just feels good all around!”

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