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Seven Energy Saving Smartphone Applications

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November 22, 2015

In the past decade, we’ve seen tremendous technological advances in the energy industry. Smart energy technology, smart meters and smart grids that use renewable energy, and huge advances in energy-efficient home upgrade technology are now the standard. These advances allow us to connect, monitor, and control our energy use no matter where we are!

Saving energy and turning to renewable sources goes hand-in-hand with saving water. The clean water running through your tap relies heavily on energy to pump, process, and transport it. Though drought is top-of-mind in California, clean water is also a precious global resource that is not in unlimited supply. Tracking and monitoring water use will help to save this precious resource.

The good news: there’s an app for that! Rev up your smart phone or tablet and take these awesome apps for a spin to save energy, water, and some cash. Here are seven magnificent water- and energy-saving apps (most available on iTunes for iOS and Android):

Your Utility Company’s App

Check with your local utility company to see if they have an app. It could be a great place for you to pay your bill on the go or to get some great tips for energy savings.


Nest smartly predicts temperature changes and balances cool and warm air. It will even tell you if your air filters need to be changed. All of this can result in lower energy bills!

Energy Cost Calculator

Celebrate your inner energy nerd! By entering some specific data, this app will calculate operating costs and energy usage of electric devices. It will even sum up your carbon emissions.

Wiser Home

This app brings it all together by helping you reduce or shift energy use during peak times. When connected through your smart meter, you can maximize the reliability of your home energy with your utility company. It also has a great budget feature.


This app will help you figure out how much water your home uses. You can compare how much water you use compared to similar-sized homes, plus scope out local rebates and new regulations.

H2O Tracker

This fun app lets you test your water conservation knowledge. Track your knowledge, conserve water, save money, and – best of all – earn prizes!

Gas Buddy

Find the cheapest gas prices, wherever you are. Gas Buddy will find the cheapest gas and open a Google map to get you there. It’s an easy way to increase your energy efficiency and save money.

As you can see, increased energy and money savings are just an app (or two) away! In combination with HERO upgrades, you can be seeing real results in no time. Learn more about using HERO.