Using PACE Financing

Project Planning
January 15, 2018

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is changing the game for homeowners. This innovative financing option provides homeowners with means to get energy-efficient, water-efficient, and storm-resistant upgrades (depending on their location). The financing is repaid through an additional line item on your property taxes. In the meantime, you get to enjoy your new upgrades and may be able to reap the benefits of potential utility savings—that’s a guarantee every homeowner can get behind!


Preparing for a PACE Project

If you’re considering PACE financing for your home, keep these prep tips in mind as you get started:


  • Get bids from multiple contractors
    Once you’ve chosen your energy-efficient home improvements, it’s time to find a contractor. If you don’t already have a trusted contractor in mind, be sure to get bids from several professionals to ensure you get the best value for your investment. Referrals are a surefire way to find a reputable contractor, so ask family and friends for recommendations.

  • Find PACE Contractors

  • Alert your mortgage lender
    Because some lenders may require you to pay off your assessment before they’ll lend to you, it’s a good idea to have all your ducks in a row before getting started and inform your mortgage lender before you obtain PACE financing.

  • Confirm how payment scheduling works
    Make sure you understand the payment details for your home improvement financing. Ask questions if you’re unsure about anything. Keep these important things in mind:
    • Your financing will be repaid through property taxes.
    • Your property taxes will go up, because that is how you’re paying off the project.


Homeowner with child in livingroom


After the Installation

Whether you use PACE financing to install eligible windows and doors or purchase a new energy-efficient HVAC system, there are a few things you should keep in mind after installation.

  • Making payments

    When it comes time to make payments, you’ll find an item listed on your property tax bill. The payment will be due in accordance with your property taxes, which is specific to where you live. For certain homeowners, property taxes are collected twice a year or paid through an impound account. In some states, property taxes are collected more frequently.

  • Buyers may be looking for energy-efficient homes

    Many homeowners are on the hunt for energy-efficient homes, so the right upgrades may be appealing to buyers. If you decide to sell your house down the road, make sure your asking price accurately reflects the improvements you’ve made—you deserve to get the most value for your investment!

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Getting Started with HERO

Renovate America’s PACE financing product is called HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity). With Renovate America’s quick and straightforward application process, you can get started with financing for a variety of energy efficiency home improvements. If HERO is already available in your area, follow these steps:

  1. Apply for HERO financing.
  2. Work with your contractor to choose eligible products that suit your home.
  3. Obtain financing documents that cover the terms and conditions of HERO financing.
  4. Complete a call with a HERO representative to confirm financing terms and answer any questions you may have.
  5. Sign your financing documents.
  6. Your contractor will begin installation.
  7. When you’re satisfied with a job well done, sign a certificate of completion.
  8. Pay back your financing through property tax assessment(s).
  9. Benefit from HERO’s ongoing support and consumer safeguards.

It really is that simple to create the house of your dreams, and Renovate America is dedicated to making your home renovation process easy and efficient.


When it comes to home improvement financing solutions, HERO is a step above the rest. By offering flexible terms, convenient financing, and savings potential, Renovate America has helped over 100,000 homeowners finance important energy-efficient upgrades. Transform your home to better suit your family’s needs, and get started on the road towards energy and water efficiency with HERO financing today.