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Water Saving Tips: Ways to Conserve Water

Home Efficiency
May 05, 2015

Beyond taking simple yet important everyday conservation measures, the prospect of making significant home retrofits and planning home renovations to save water can be daunting.

With Renovate America's HERO financing, homeowners can finance a number of these upgrades easily and affordably to reduce home water usage by as much as 50%,* which reduces water bills as well. HERO partners with local government to make it possible with easy approvals, no upfront costs, and low payments attached to your property taxes.

Check out this infographic (and share it on your site using the embed code below) to see what kinds of water-saving home upgrades you can finance through HERO. Confused about how gray water systems work, or wondering if turf is right for you? Contact us at 855-HERO-411 to learn more about any of these upgrades.

Together, we can weather this drought! Learn how to reduce water usage at home:

Saving Water with HERO 

* California Single Family Water Usage Study, the California Department of Water Resources

To recap, artificial turf isn’t the only way to conserve water outside. Things like installing a drip irrigation system for your drought tolerant landscaping, collecting rain water by using a rain barrel, rotating your sprinkler nozzles, getting a pool cover, and installing weather-based irrigation control systems are all great additions that can save up to half your water usage outside.

And don’t forget about the inside of your home! Gray water systems, hot water delivery systems, and high-efficiency faucets, showerheads, and toilets will help your household get the most out of every, last, drop.

Implementing any of these water-saving tips inside or outside your home may help reduce your water bills and make you feel good doing it. We can all do our part in helping California save water during the drought and any of these home retrofits will make a huge impact.

We encourage you to share this infographic on your site to spread the word about how HERO Financing can help homeowners save water during the drought.

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