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Why Contractors Choose Renovate America

In the Community
May 27, 2015

Saving water, energy, and money are fantastic benefits of the HERO Program – but did you know we are also significantly helping boost small businesses along with local economies? In their own words, several of our HERO Registered Contractors share what this has meant for their companies as well as their customers in the above video and the quotes below.

Doug McMillan of California Showcase Construction
“When the HERO Program hit we started double the year before – and then we doubled again! The reason why HERO works is it PUTS people to work. Now we’re up to about 65 employees [from 20] and that is directly due to HERO.”

Joe Zingarelli of JZ Construction
“Since the HERO Financing was introduced to us, it opened up a door for half of our customer base to be able to finance under this program. So it’s been huge. They’re approved sitting in front of you in a few minutes, and they’re just ecstatic. It’s probably the best thing to happen to our business since the recession.”

Doug Galvani of Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning
“People are very pleasantly surprised at how easily they can get the services and goods that they wanted and they can fulfill their needs when they dreamed they never could.”

Scott Crumb of Lifestyle Solar
“I have people actually calling me saying, ‘Do you have HERO? We’ve already gotten preapproved,’ and it’s been nice that we can help these people. It’s become one of the most successful programs we’ve implemented so far.

Rick Cubas of RighTime Home Services
“We’re getting great approval rates. We’re getting higher credit limits approved, which means that customers can now afford the higher efficiency systems.”

Mike Lawson of J.H. Simpson Company

“I look at a lot of my guys as family, and this Program helps me keep those people employed.”

Ray Broman of Honey’s Air & Solar
“HERO has been phenomenal asset to the company. It’s help us increase our bottom line and our top line, given us something to differentiate from people in the market. HERO has offered us training and insight and just the personality that’s unmatched by any of the other PACE Programs that we’ve interviewed. And we’ve tried to go to market with a couple of other ones and really HERO is the one that’s come to the table for us.

Gabriel Carini of Carini Heating and Air
“We choose to use HERO over other PACE programs because of its efficiency and infrastructure. There’s no reason to go anywhere else.”

Mark Radeke of EasyTurf
“By virtue of this program, we’ve had hundreds of customers that have been able to beautify their yards, conserve water, and increase their property value – all because of this Program.”

David Savarese of Sullivan Solar Power
“The HERO Program is impacting our growth and we’re going to continue to grow as a company. We are seeing happy customers, really savings, adding real value to homes and we’re also contributing to a better future.

Rusty Cochran of We Care Plumbing, Heating, and Air
“The HERO Program is game changer. We’ve been on a hockey stick growth, if you will, and I would attribute a lot of that success to the HERO Program. With the HERO Program, my inbox is full of HERO approvals and job sites that we have to go attend to, so thank you!”