Why These Homeowners Finally Decided to Get New HVAC

Home Efficiency
May 19, 2017

Homeowners may realize it's time for a new heating and cooling system for various reasons, but they all have a similar goal of staying comfortable in their home – and hopefully slashing their energy bills.

For years, Phia and Bryan lived with just a small portable air conditioning unit to cool their entire Oceanside, CA home – but as their family grew, they knew it was time to upgrade to a real heating and cooling system.

On the other hand, Brian of Thousand Palms, CA already had an HVAC system in his home, but it was 14 years old and inefficient.

Similarly, Donna of La Quinta, CA had an aging HVAC system as well, but hers had begun having problems, and she was afraid the whole thing would go out in the middle of a heat wave.

Homeowners checking out their new heating and cooling system

Phia and Bryan now love being able to control their home's temperature remotely from their cell phones.

The owners of these three different homes had three different reasons for getting a new HVAC system installed, but all were able to move forward with their upgrades Renovate America’s local contractor search tool and HERO financing.

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For Brian, the most satisfying part of the installation process was seeing the old unit go bye-bye after all those years. "When I saw the old unit leaving the house," he shares, "I looked inside and saw all the dirt and debris and everything in it that I was breathing in, and my kids as well." Good riddance!

And the results? "Thanks to our new heating and cooling system," says Phia, "we've definitely noticed a huge difference in just the over all comfort of our home.

Donna has also experienced increased comfort along with another unexpected benefit. "I have allergies, so I'm not as congested as I had been before." But it gets ever better: "Our energy bills," she shares, "it cut them literally just about in half!"

Brian's brand new high-efficient HVAC unit is a welcome change from the 14-year old unit it replaced.

Of going with Renovate America for financing, says Phia, "I definitely would recommend the HERO Program to family and friends. This just opens up a whole new window of opportunity." Bryan adds, "I would say 100% the HERO Program is the reason we have air conditioning today."

No matter your own motivation for considering an HVAC upgrade or other home improvements, find out now if one of Renovate America's financing options like HERO or Benji are right for you. Learn more about how HVAC works and what the cost to replace HVAC may entail.