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World of Difference with Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

In the Community
September 14, 2016

When it comes to home energy upgrades, windows and doors sometimes get pushed down the list in favor of less visible upgrades like insulation or HVAC. Yet in addition to the fact that this duo may lower utility bills while improving comfort, homeowners love how they also boost curb appeal. It’s like a little remodel with energy benefits!

We spoke to several HERO homeowners on the dramatic changes they have noticed since having their old windows and doors updated with sleeker and more efficient models.

Laura G. of Pasadena (pictured above) was looking to keep her family’s historic craftsman preserved for generations to come. “This house was built in the 20s,” she explains, “so it needed a lot of upgrading.”

AnnMarie and Lamar

AnnMarie and Lamar of La Mesa, Ca made several energy-efficient updates to their mid-century ranch.

Al Hallor of Chula Vista, CA, also had an older home on his hands, as he had purchased his grandparents’ former home to keep it in the family. “The old windows and doors that I had in the home were from 1957 ¬– the slider didn’t even work!” he exclaims.

Owners of a La Mesa, CA ranch that needed work, also from the mid-century-era, AnnMarie Provancha and Lamar Brown were left with no choice. “We couldn’t even open the windows on the sliding glass doors they were so heavy,” AnnMarie laments.

Finally, although Jonathan Stieglitz’s Ramona, CA home is newer, he also knew it was time. “Our older door was not sealed in. You could feel the draft from underneath the door.”

So how are they feeling about their new windows and doors?

Al H.

Al H. of Chula Vista, CA is preserving a home once owned by his grandparents for many generations to come.

As Jonathan explains, the draft and varying temperatures through the house are gone, and the upgrades are just nice to look at! “When you walk up to the house and you see those windows and the new door, it looks so much better on the house – and it has really been exciting for my family.” He adds, “It’d definitely a source of price for myself.”

Lamar feels similar, saying, “We couldn’t be happier with how it looks.” AnnMarie adds happily, “It’s really gorgeous.”

“It’s much nicer to have new windows that are efficient and smooth,” says Al, showing off how quietly and effortlessly the new glass sliding doors open and close.

Laura is also thrilled. “We are able to maintain the temperature here, regulate it, and our bills went down a lot. With the new upgrades, we know this house is going to stay preserved for a long time, and that’s a great feeling to have.”

Another sentiment unifies the group. “Without the HERO Program,” says Jonathan, “we would not have been able to get those things fixed.”

Jonathan S.

Jonathan S. of Ramona, CA says he feels a greater sense of pride in his home since upgrading it.

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