Working From Home Just Got Cooler Thanks to Couple’s Solar & HVAC Upgrades

Home Efficiency
June 26, 2017

"We love our little town that we live in and the people here," says Teresa.

Her husband John adds emphatically, "It's the best place in the world."

Clearly, these Sebastopol, CA residents were already quite happy with where they live—but there were projects on their wish list that would help make their home more comfortable and efficient.

John, who is a professional musician with a home recording studio, explains that he needed a more reliable air conditioning system to keep his clients cool and comfortable. As for Teresa? "I wanted to do our little part to save the planet," she admits.

Recent home renovations financed by Renovate America have made them even happier with their home. They went with HERO financing to install a 2-zone energy efficient HVAC system along with 16 solar panels.

John working in his home studio

The 2-zone system allows John to keep his recording studio at the cooler temperature he prefers, while the rest of the house can be set to less frosty temperatures for Teresa.

Their reasons for moving forward with the upgrades may have been different, but they are both equally pleased with the results. "We've been going through this whole year having perfect heating and cooling," says John. "Our electric bills were around three to four hundred dollars—and more—and last month it was seventy. So that's significant."

Perhaps best of all, the solar panels mean they are less affected by rate hikes from the electric company. "The utilities are going up almost every month," says John, as Teresa giddily finishes his sentence: "But not ours!"

The couple’s Sebastopol home is now efficiently powered by 16 solar panels

The couple's Sebastopol home is now efficiently powered by 16 solar panels, resulting in a dramatic decrease in their utility bills.

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