Renovate America has joined forces with the Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA) network to become their exclusive PACE financing partner. That means exclusive benefits for you!


Discounts, training and more.

Rewards and discounts.

Earn up to a 2% rewards for qualified projects, which can be redeemed for products and services through the EGIA Marketplace.

Training and conferences.

EGIA Contractor University offers classroom instruction and convenient online training from accomplished industry educators, consultants, and trainers to help owners and staff develop more even stronger businesses.

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1. Register with Renovate America
You have to be registered with Renovate America to take advantage of the EGIA Contractor Marketplace’s exclusive benefits.

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2. Join EGIA
Earn up a to a 2% reward on HERO Promotional Rate deals when you meet Contractor Quality Rating and Excellence Program requirements. Plus, earn 1% for energy-efficient Benji projects.

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3. Earn/Redeem Rewards
Purchase discounted goods and services for your business, including tools & equipment, financing, vehicles, sales and marketing services, business and administrative services, and training & consulting.

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