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Custom-fit financing with $0 down.

A simple, straightforward path to your dream project with fast, in-home approvals.

Competitive fixed rates with multiple term options

Finance from $2,000 to $50,000* for your projects

*Subject to credit approval


Your contractor isn't paid until you sign off

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3 Steps to Start

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1. Plan your project.

This is the fun part. And the more planning you do, the smoother your project will be. From upgraded windows and doors to a full kitchen remodel, planning is everything. Consider your budget and let your imagination do the rest.

2. Pair with a contractor.

Use our search tool to find contractors near you. Once you choose a contractor, they’ll help with your Benji application. And remember that with Benji, the contractor is not paid until you’ve signed off on the project.

3. Apply for Benji.

This part is easy. Complete an online application with your contractor in the comfort of your own home, and get your results in minutes.

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See what financing is available in your area.