HERO Commercial PACE

Get more commercial projects off the ground in less time.

Offer low, fixed rates with $0 down on high-efficiency retrofits for nearly every type of commercial property.

To get started in Missouri, call:
(573) 321-9980

100% financing for commercial energy-efficiency improvements.

Low, Fixed Rates
Low fixed rates and extended terms of 5-20 years help to keep payments affordable.

100% Financing
HERO finances all hard and soft costs* for energy-efficient upgrades to eliminate upfront costs for property owners.

*up to the approved amount for the project

Positive Cash Flow
We conduct an independent third-party review on every project to help ensure positive cash flow from day one.

Replace outdated boilers, chillers, variable speed drives on motors, lighting and hot water systems. Upgrade roofing and building envelopes, or make the switch to solar.
HERO Commercial PACE

Financing made easier for you and your customers.

Unparalleled Expertise

Together with Greenworks Lending, our commercial PACE team has financed more commercial PACE projects than any other PACE provider in the nation.

Less Paperwork

Our team simplifies commercial projects by taking care of complex logistics, like lender consent acquisition and comprehensive underwriting for you.

Support from Start to Finish

Take advantage of free product training for your team, interactive sales tools and our U.S.-based support team.

Financial Institution

To get started in Missouri, call:

(573) 321-9980

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Greenworks Lending
HERO Commercial PACE is brought to you in partnership with Greenworks Lending.
Greenworks Lending specializes in providing funding for cost saving, clean energy upgrades for commercial properties. Greenworks Lending is the preferred finance partner for hundreds of energy contractors across the country and has financed a wide range of energy measures. 

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