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HERO financing is built for energy-efficient home improvements.

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HERO financing was created to help you increase your home’s energy efficiency.

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How HERO Financing Works

See what homeowners have to say about the nation’s largest PACE provider.

"Our last electric bill was $1.77."

Duane and Mary from Temecula, CA, upgraded to solar panels and saw their energy bill drop to under two dollars in one month.


"A huge difference in the comfort of our home."

Phia and Bryan from Oceanside, CA, used HERO to lower their electric bill with a high-efficiency heating and cooling upgrade.


"It’s much quieter and cozy now."

With her new double pane, high-efficiency windows, Pam was able to increase her home’s comfort and curb appeal.


"My neighbors mentioned how beautiful my house looks now."

John of Lakewood, CA, got his “cool roof” financed through Renovate America and has been getting compliments ever since.


"Beautiful, low maintenance and water efficient!"

With new drought-tolerant landscaping, Caroline of Ontario, CA, brought her dead yard back to life and lowered her water bill.


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Go from energy guzzling to energy saving.

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Solar Installation

Join the 100,000+ homeowners who are making an impact.

17.5 billion kWh of Electricity Reduced.
Our customers are estimated to save enough electricity to power over a million homes for a year.

$3.29 billion in Energy Bill Savings.
Projected Over the Lifetime of the Upgrades. That’s enough money to buy an NFL team.

11.4 billion Gallons of Water Reduced.
That’s enough drinking water for every person on Earth for a day– with enough left over to fill over 4,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.

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