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The company was so professional, fast and did a fantastic job with my front and back yard. I had initially wanted several places to quote my job. Only they called out of 5 different places I called. They were prompt and detailed. I'd recommend to anyone in a heartbeat!

Absolutely fantastic experience working with Omega Turf! In regard to project management: Don came to my home the day after I requested a quote, and went meticulously through every detail. He modified his design when I was being picky, drove with me to choose my succulents from the nursery, and worked around my funky schedule to accommodate. He was constantly in touch ensuring everything was right! The on-site team was phenomenal! The team lead modified the design to better suit the yard layout, and I couldn't be more pleased with his decision. They were professional, efficient, and pleasant to be around! And the turf is immaculate! I can't say enough about Omega--I look forward to completing another project with them in the future!

WHERE DO I BEGIN. We had turf installed Nov 2015. We were told a drip system would be put in, a bit late in the game we were told it couldn't be done bcz of a misinterpretation of our system. Wish we would have been told earlier. Our path is much wider in the center than at both ends. It is annoying to look at. This was noticed after they had already come back once. They did come back in early 2016 i believe, to fix the placement of the stepping stones but missed the rocks that we told them were over filled on pathway ( we were tripping over them). I think it wasn't communicated properly... So we slowly did it ourselves... Also annoying after $6000.00. I am writing this after being annoyed with follow through and communication and forgetting about it once we had a baby... then I started contacting them in July 2017 re: dog hair, turf laying flat, odors... there was often no response and sometimes responses asking for photos/more info/to wait for owner to call, etc etc. If anyone wants details they can contact me for correspondence. August I emailed again, sept... october. Then the owner gets involved but still no follow through w coordinator... workers come out to 'fix' and as nice as they were... it doesn't 'fix' anything... they also showed up too early and I had just gotten out of shower/prepping to put my daughter down for nap... I get mad and finally see owner, Chris, face to face in November... we went over my concerns. He seemed to understand and agree. He told me others had problems with salesperson Mike and was why he was no longer working for him... tells me manufacturer will replace turf and they will reinstall and fix or remove our crooked path... I should expect to hear something within a couple of weeks (to get scheduled)... and to contact Victoria if they didn't contact within the week. OF COURSE i didn't hear from them... so on day 7 or 8 I emailed. Response was Victoria telling me they were dealing w manufacturer and I wouldn't get them out until likely after xmas. I emailed telling her I was hoping for more consistency and discussed what Chris had told me... no response. I emailed again on 12/30 and still have not heard. This company is completely lacking in follow through. Terrible coordination and Chris obviously doesn't stand by his word. We will be contacting BBB next.

They are your typical no help pain in the ass contractor. I called with one simple question and that was too much to handle. My question was.....what is a ballpark estimate on 2,000 square feet of turf. Don't need anything too exact just some prices so I can get an idea. And I was met with the typical well we can't tell you anything over the phone let's shedule an appointment and meet on site. When I explained I didn't need anything as specific as a site review they said they couldn't tell me anything again. Moving to people with better customer service.

I am writing this review because Chris the owner of Omega Turf really stood up to his word. What more can you ask from an owner of a company. We had an issue with our turf putting green after a couple years after it was installed. No issue with Omega Turf. It was the manufacturer of the turf itself. Anyways, Chris came out and saw the issue and said he would take care of it. He replaced the whole turf green. He did the right thing. I will recommend Chris and Omega Turf for years to come to family and friends. I hope this review helps anyone make a decision who is looking at getting turf installed. Thanks much Chris and all the best to you and your company in the future.

After a recent move, we decided we couldn't live without turf in the backyard. We chose Omega Turf for the second time for four reasons: 1. The turf is very high quality. It looks natural and never gets matted or flat (even after large toys sat in one spot for a while). It's also doesn't seem to get as hot as other turf brands. It held up so well at our last house to our boys and our dog. 2. Omega customer service is on point. They are very responsive to inquiries and requests for repair. We had a root issue at our last house and they removed and reinstalled the turf at no additional cost! They will even come out to fluff the turf if it does flatten (which it won't). 3. They have a superior warranty on their product and installation, giving you some piece of mind on a large purchase. 4. Their prices are just better. While prices have increased, they were still the cheapest out of three other companies we had come out for quotes. The sales rep (Don) was not at all pushy either, probably because they have a truly good product and business model. I highly recommend!!

This is an update following additional service as part of their warranty. After some issues (that we're not due to any action or inaction by Omega), they returned to provide additional service. They are responsive and true to their warranty. I'm glad we went with Omega!

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Its rare that I write reviews and usually only for when something goes well. but in this case I am just disappointed. I met several times with Steve to discuss initially for a bid and then follow up meet to discuss details. I got a quote which came in within the range of what I expected and I asked to get a date and more info for the HOA required review. Since I was leaving for vacation I was hoping to get some of the info out to move the process forward. I never got to that point. Suddenly there was no communication from Omega anymore. I followed up via email a few time after I go back from vacation and it sounded like there were good reasons for some delay (several weeks at that point) but then again nothing. No follow up, no reach out to me. I was very hopeful to get my yard redone for the summer which is now basically gone and I have to look for another company to execute on my project. I really never got feedback what happened and why they didn't contact me anymore...They seem to do a great job once they execute but it seems to be hit or miss if you get to work with them.

I wish I could leave a proper review on Omega Turf's price, service and overall good job. Unfortunately, I can't even get to the point of obtaining a quote/estimate from them. I first reached out on Yelp a week ago and got a quick response. That was the last quick response I'd get. After providing some additional information, I was told I'd receive a quote shortly. Nothing. Then was told I'd have one Friday by lunch. Nothing. Today (Monday), I called once again and was told I'd have something by end of business. It's 10:30 pm and I have yet to receive anything. My project is relatively small compared to others (less than 300 sq ft), and I'm starting to get the feeling that Chris doesn't care as much due to the small size. Which would be fine if he could just let me know so we could move on to another vendor. Such a shame since there are so many positive reviews. Was hoping we had found our turf provider, but without even being able to receive a quote, guess we'll have to keep looking.

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