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I had a rep Mike T. come to my house today. I told him I was not intrested, due to we didn't like how the Hero program was deceptive when we were going to do it a few years back, especially when it came time to sell your home you would owe the Hero program so much you would get no profit from your house. My husband was not home at the time so he said things changes and they can have a operator call my husband on saturday and we set up a call time. 1 hour later I had a operator call me by the name of Matthew, who then informed me that the rep set up a appointment to have some one come out and set up service and they were coming out on saturday. I told him I didnt like the deception to take me off there list and dont contact me again. Matthew hung up on me mid sentence, I called back to speak to a supervisor Matthew answered the phone and when I asked to speak to a supervisor he informed he was the on duty supervisor. Very professional Matthew I will give this company "great" reviews. 😡

Best place to get your windows/doors done. The employees are very professional and so nice. They work with you on prices and have something for all types of styles. I definitely recommend them when you're ready to upgrade.

This company is Awesome, I recently had 10 windows replaced and they were windows from the 1950's and they made my house look Great! They are Efficient, Courteous and a wonderful group of guys to fix your windows. They are a No Pressure sell company and give you Above and Beyond money & value. Great Job everyone!

I'm giving this review based on my experience with their door canvasser and their salesperson. We did not end up going with this company for windows, but I felt they were still worth reviewing, just as some other reviewers have done as well. Their door-to-door person, Chris P., was very respectful in dealing with me. I actually thought he was the mailman or I might not have opened the door. Ha! So I was a bit surprised... but his company was selling replacement windows and I am in the market for a few of those. I figured I may as well get a bid. He left me with a very professional looking flyer, and explained that someone from his company would call in just a few minutes to confirm that I actually want an appointment. I thought this was a very professional way of operating, because it prevents the door-to-door appointment setter from making any "surprise" appointments to meet their quotas. It also gave me time to jump on the internet, look up the company and it's reviews - in time to decide if I wanted to keep the appointment or not. I found they sold a line of decent windows that I did not have a local source for, so we went with it. The salesperson, David McCure, showed up right on time. He was very professional, yet also friendly and - most important to me - respectful to women and in no way condescending. Many, many contractors I've dealt with only look at and talk towards my husband when we are in a conversation. That drives me nuts! David McCure talked with us evenly, and listened attentively to my rather stringent requirements for our project. He seemed like a very reasonable person and was a good salesperson who could converse easily and knew to figure out what it is that we, the potential customers, need and want. So many salespeople just try to sell you a product, not figure out what your needs are...this guy has clearly had a lot of experience working to actually please customers. (I spent 20 years in sales and I have no patience for high-pressure I was pleasantly surprised.) David's candor was refreshing, and both my husband and I liked him. We didn't end up going with their windows because our project is small enough that we plan to tackle it ourselves. However, if we start on a different home project, we will consider this company.

When going door to door, a representative from this company ignored the sign (or can't read) covering the doorbell saying not to ring it because the BABY IS SLEEPING. What part of that did they not understand? Naptime is sacred and they completely ruined it. Jennifer A., you're not a very nice person.

When going door to door, a representative from this company ignored the sign (or can't read) covering the doorbell saying not to ring it because the BABY IS SLEEPING. What part of that did they not understand? Naptime is sacred and they completely ruined it.

Really frustrating this company had a couple field marketers out in my neighborhood going door to door. Tyran chose not to read my sign by the doorbell that says please don't ring the doorbell. Instead he did which caused my dog to bark and wake my newborn, needless to say I was not happy. Our community page had several people that said they had something similar happen to them. To be honest the last thing I'm going to do is patronize a business that can't even respect people's wishes

I had all the windows replaced in my house a few months ago and I couldn't be happier with the way they came out. The whole experience was exceptional. The Windows look amazing! Everyone we dealt with at the company were awesome. Brian, the owner of the company, came out to measure all of our windows and slider. They ordered our windows and slider and came out to install them about 3 or 4 weeks later. They were here about 6 hours total and installed 11 windows and the slider. I highly recommend this company!

Extremely overpriced! Always make sure to get more than 2 bids especially when both quotes are from a different dealer carrying the same window.

You get what you pay for. If you want the best for your home then this is the way to go. A top notch crew who knows what they're doing and a staff who never kept me in the dark. At first I was a little put off by their insisting that both homeowners be present but they want to be sure that no work is done without 100% agreement among the legal owners. That is a level of professionalism that isn't seen much. Major props for that in my book.

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