Kriss Worthington, Councilmember Berkeley City Council

Make a measurable, sustainable impact on your community.

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We work with government partners to offer the HERO Program, the nation’s most widely used Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program.

19,300 local jobs created.*

When homeowners make energy-saving home improvements, they help to create thousands of jobs for contractors who live and work in the local community. 

$3.94 billion in economic impact.*

With the billions of dollars in utility bill savings projected for our current HERO customers, homeowners will have more money to spend in their local communities.

3.8 million tons of CO2 emissions reduced.*

Energy savings projected from the HERO Program have reached 10 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh). That’s equivalent to taking almost a million Americans off the grid for a year or planting 63 million trees. 
* Forecasts represent best estimates of growth based on historical HERO Program data, and should be considered approximations due to the nature and uncertainty of long-term, multiple-year projections. Actual results may vary.
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"[HERO] reduces your monthly operating costs because you’re more efficient, and people put a real value on reducing emissions and conserving water."
Dave Pine San Mateo County Supervisor
"This program is beneficial not only to the homeowner but to the economy."
Stephany Aguilar, Council Member at City of Scotts Valley
"HERO is about the most approachable, affordable way for the average homeowner to get these energy-saving improvements"
Allan Krauter, Sr. Administrative Analyst at Kern County Administrative Office