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"Our last electric bill was $1.77."

Duane and Mary from Temecula, CA, upgraded to solar panels and saw their energy bill drop to under two dollars in one month.


"A huge difference in the comfort of our home."

Phia and Bryan from Oceanside, CA, used the HERO program to lower their electric bill with a high-efficiency heating and cooling upgrade.


"It’s much quieter and cozy now."

With her new double pane, high-efficiency windows, Pam was able to increase her home’s comfort and curb appeal.


"My neighbors mentioned how beautiful my house looks now."

John of Lakewood, CA, got his “cool roof” financed through Renovate America and has been getting compliments ever since.


"Beautiful, low maintenance and water efficient!"

With new drought-tolerant landscaping, Caroline of Ontario, CA, brought her dead yard back to life and lowered her water bill.


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Lower Utility Bills
Solar Panels
Heating & Cooling
Windows & Doors
Roofs & Insulation
Ducts & Ventilation

Conserve Water
Artificial Turf
Drought-Tolerant Landscaping
Irrigation Systems
High-Efficiency Fixtures

Live Comfortably
Remodels & Additions
Decks & Patios
New Floors
Bathroom & Kitchen Upgrades

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More homeowners love where they live.

John S.
"Without the HERO Program, we would not have been able to address those things and get those things fixed. So it’s been a great program for us."
"My wife and I were both pleased because we were able to renovate our house earlier than we expected, with potential savings in utility expenses."
Jennie R.
"It's been very important for me to do things that are environmentally friendly."
"I had a very good experience. Everyone was friendly, caring, and efficient."
"Best home improvement experience to date!"
Mike V.
"It’s about long term cost effectiveness. The fact that we can essentially take our house off the grid and take that control of my life was very important."
"It went unbelievably smoothly and quickly. I am loving my new and improved comfortable home."
John & Richard
"We were able to do all the things that we wanted to do and make our house exactly what we want it to be."

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See what financing is available in your area.

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HERO is a property assessed clean energy financing program administered by Renovate America. Benji refers to two separate financing products: unsecured financing offered through Renovate America Financing and participating home improvement contractors, and secured loans made by Connexus Credit Union, a Wisconsin-chartered credit union. Renovate America Financing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renovate America. Renovate America and Renovate America Financing are not affiliates of Connexus Credit Union or any home improvement contractors.

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