Financing for Hurricane Protection

The calm before, during, and after the storm.

We offer competitive financing for hurricane protection. Impact windows, hurricane shutters, and more.

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Upgrade with No Money Down
Renovate America offers competitive, fixed rates with no money down.

Help Reduce Insurance Costs
Premiums may get lower with some precautionary measures. So it’s better for your home and your budget.*

Increase Property Value
Upgrade your abode with hurricane-ready improvements that may increase the value of your home.

HVAC Installation

These hurricane protection projects can help keep you safer.

Hurricane Impact Windows
Impact Windows
Featuring a unique blend of style and strength, hurricane impact windows help increase the safety of homes in harm’s way during storms. You can choose energy-efficient, high-performance glass options or the reliable durability of aluminum-clad windows.
Hurricane Impact Doors
Impact Sliding Doors
To help prevent wind and wind-borne debris from damaging your entryways, hurricane impact glass sliding doors consist of multiple glass layers, further enhanced with another layer of insulating glass. They provide additional protection during storms, plus many also filter 99% of UV rays while reducing heat-gain and dramatically reduce outside noise. 
Hurricane Shutters
Hurricane Shutters
Hurricane shutters are used to protect your home from damage caused by storms. They help prevent windows from being broken by flying objects during a storm, and they provide peace of mind and a sense of security even when the weather is not threatening. 
Hurricane Storm Proof Roofs
Storm-resistant Roofs
It only takes a moment for a hurricane to peel the roof off your house. And once that happens, the house is a sitting duck for further damage—but you have options to help stay safe. Your best defense: Upgrade to a storm-resistant roof with multiple layers of moisture protection.
Hurricane Garage Doors
Hurricane Garage Doors
Pressure from hurricane activity or high winds can cause garage doors to detach from their tracks or even collapse—allowing powerful winds to enter. But innovative wind-load garage doors, fashioned to withstand nature’s power, can help keep your family and possessions safe.

How can you prepare your home for a hurricane?

Certain home improvements can help your home be more resilient to strong winds and storm surge. Learn how to strengthen parts of your home to better protect against damage from hurricanes.
Financing for Hurricane Protection

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