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Water efficient landscaping

Water-efficient landscaping looks great and helps lower your water bills.

See how landscaping upgrades are transforming thousands of backyards.

Improvements that do more than just save water.

Lower Water Bills
Water-efficient home upgrades can help cut down your overall water usage and reduce your monthly bill.

Less Yard Maintenance
Outdoor water-efficiency upgrades require a lot less upkeep—so you can spend less time mowing your lawn and more time enjoying your yard.

Increase Curb Appeal
Artificial turf and drought-tolerant landscaping can help you get rid of brown lawns and make your front yard stand out.

HVAC Installation

Make an instant impact on your home’s appearance, and your water bill.

Shane & Kari
"We have definitely seen a change in our bills on a month-to-month basis."
"I got my backyard turf completed in a much quicker time frame than I originally planned, allowing us to have a backyard that we can enjoy as a family."
Jordan & Christina
"Now that we can go with turf and drought tolerant landscaping, it’s extremely low-maintenance and we're saving money on water."
"The artificial turf looks great and feels great under your feet."
"I now have a beautiful ‘desert inspired’ yard that will remain low maintenance and water efficient!"
Christina & Rodrigo
"There's no water that's going to be wasted in our yard anymore. Now we can go on a second honeymoon and we don't have to worry about the lawn dying!"
"We were able to have artificial turf installed. We were surprised that the process was so simple and hassle-free and we couldn't be happier with our decision."
Christine & Kirk
"No gardeners, no water bills, and a great added value to our property as well."

Choose the landscaping project that works for you.

Artificial Turf
Drought-Tolerant Landscaping
Drip Irrigation
Rainwater Catchment
Artificial Turf Premium Systems
Rotating Sprinklers
Graywater Systems
Irrigation Control Systems

Three houses

Lose the lawn. Keep the green.

No Upfront Costs

Fixed Rates

Flexible Term Lengths

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Tips to upgrading your landscaping.

Go big or go small. There are so many ways to help monitor and reduce your water usage.

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See what financing is available in your area.