Homeowner Stories & Contractor Tips

Hear from homeowners who used Renovate America’s HERO and Benji financing options to make their homes more efficient and learn ways to save energy from specialized contractors.

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Whole House Renovations

These homeowners made multiple home improvements to retrofit their older homes using Renovate America’s Benji and HERO financing.



See how Renovate America helped homeowners make the switch to solar energy.


Heating & Cooling

Thanks to energy-efficient heating and cooling upgrades financed with HERO, these homeowners are enjoying a more comfortable home all year-long.


Windows & Doors

Using Renovate America’s financing made upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors seamless for these homeowners.



See how energy-efficient roofing upgrades financed by HERO transformed these homes.



Upgrading to turf and drought-tolerant landscaping through Renovate America helped these homeowners improve their curb appeal, save water, and reduce time needed on yard maintenance.


Energy-Saving Tips

Save energy around the house with these tips from several pros in Renovate America’s network of contractors.


These contractors went above and beyond to provide exceptional service to their customers. Watch their award-winning stories in these videos.