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As home improvement financing evolves and our efforts to improve the homeowner’s experience continue to grow, people are reporting on the benefits and value of what we offer.

PACE can make homes more valuable.

In the first economic study of homes with PACE upgrades, the results show PACE is good for the resale value of homes, even after taking into account the financing costs. 

PACE is a potential policy gem.

The Property Assessed Clean Energy program, or PACE, has the potential to be that rare policy gem in which everyone wins.

Morningstar rates PACE loans high.

Morningstar Credit Ratings said PACE loans present little risk of driving a borrower into a foreclosure, and could bolster property values and save the homeowner money in efficiency improvements.

PACE is an area with tremendous growth potential.

JD Supra Business Advisor explains the benefits of PACE financing programs and what they mean for the securitization market. 

Industry policies and best practices

Policies & Best Practices

We’ve been working with policymakers to ensure that consumers enjoy strong protections at every stage of their renovations.

PACENation consumer protection policies.

The latest PACE policies represent strong protections and disclosures for homeowners investing in energy efficiency or renewable energy.

Department of Energy guidelines for residential PACE financing.

DOE guidelines outline best practices that can help state and local governments, PACE program administrators, contractors and other partners develop and implement programs and improvements that effectively deliver home energy and related upgrades.

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